Hayward gives some city staff a raise

Some city staff, including some of the highest-paid staff, are getting a raise to ensure they’re getting paid at a rate that matches the rest of the labor market.

The Hayward City Council on Jan. 17 unanimously decided to increase the pay of the city attorney, city clerk, city manager, public information officer, crime scenes specialist, crime scene technician, sweeper equipment operator, lead sweeper equipment operator, and systems analysts I and II in the Information Technology Department anywhere from from 3% to 10%.

PositionPercentage increaseWage per hour
City attorney10%$132.36
City clerk3%$80.11
City manager5%$152.76
Communications and marketing officer/
public information officer
4%$73.99 to $89.95
Crime scene specialist10%$41.45 to $49.58
Crime scene technician10%$37.68 to $45.07
Sweeper equipment operator4.61%$37.16 to $43.31
Lead sweeper equipment operator4.61%$40.87 to $47.64
(Source: City of Hayward)

The systems analyst I position is a new position and expected to pay 10% less than the systems analyst II position, which saw an 8.18% increase in pay.

Some of the equity adjustments were made to ensure the ratio of pay between workers and their supervisors was maintained. For instance, a lead sweeper equipment operator is expected to get paid 10% more than a regular sweeper equipment operator, so a change in pay for one position requires a change of pay for the other.

Salaries are typically revisited after employee evaluations and the city do a salary survey to see where the market is for those positions, Assistant City Manager Regina Youngblood told the council.

The city recently entered into an contract with the Hayward Association of Management Employees “that allowed for increases within a range depending on how far each position was behind the market” and used the association’s methodology to determine the salary adjustments, Youngblood said.

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